Saturday, July 14, 2007

When Rene got smaller, so did his TV time.

'Good things come in moderately sized packages'

"Look at what happened to Chris Masters last year. He went to rehab for painkiller issues, and came out noticeably smaller and less blown up than he was before he left. He still looked good, he just didn’t have the bloated up, ‘roid look anymore. You know what happened? He was ridiculed on the air several times for his loss of physique, and was subsequently buried in television matches. Reports started circulating in the Observer and other publications that Vince was done with Masters, and close to getting rid of him. All of a sudden, Masters ballooned back up, and his reward? A somewhat renewed push on television, though nowhere near the level he was being pushed at before he left for rehab. What the hell kind of message did that send? "Don’t take steroids *wink wink*, but we only push guys that are jacked up." So WWE can talk about being serious about curtailing steroid use all they want, their actions tell a completely different story." 7/5/2007 Dan Wahler The Steroid Issue