Saturday, August 18, 2007

レネ・ボナパルト - MATCH REPORT 8.18.07


Hustle Vol. 25, 18. August 2007

Aichi Prefectural Gymnasiu

Rene 'Bonaparte' Dupree & Giant Vabo vs. Wataru Sakata & Ryouji Sai

Match report - Vabo and Sai start the match with Sai taking control. Sakata takes over and calls Bonaparte into the ring. Bonaparte uses his skill to make fun of the stronger Sakata. Vabo is double teamed by Sakata and Sai with a vicious kick to the chest. Bonaparte counterattacks with a dropkick and elbow drop. Sakata is back with a flurry of chops and Bonaparte is on the receiving end of a missile kick and supplex. Elbow drop by Bonaparte as Bonaparte and Babo double team their opponent. Spinebuster backdrop and counter. The French dance followed by the diving elbow drop on Sai with victory to Bonaparte and Vabo in 9 minute 38 seconds. After the match Sakata grabs the mike. Bonaparte has humiliated him in front of his home crowd and next time he want's a singles match up, mano-a-mano in Osaka. Bonaparte makes fun of him with the French Tickler and we're out.....

'Resistance' meets 'Resistance'

Extract from a second report ....

ボナパルトは観客席に投げキッス、自慢の筋肉美をアピールしながら去っていく。「ちょっと待て、このフランス野郎!」ボナパルトをマイクで呼び止めたのは坂田だった。「よくも俺の地元で恥をかかせてくれたな! 次の大阪、俺とお前でシングルだ!」と、次回大阪大会でのシングルマッチ対決を要求だ。 ところがボナパルトは、両手を広げると左右にとんでのフレンチダンス。余裕を見せまくる。「なんだ、その嫌味なリアクションはよ! タコ殴りにしてやるからな!」とボナパルトのナメた態度に怒り心頭の坂田は「領二、フランス野郎に何か言ってやれ!」と崔にマイクをバトンタッチ。突然のことに慌てた崔は「ボンジュール、クロワッサン、エスカルゴ、コマンタレブ、ジダン」と、取り合えずフランスに関係のある言葉を並べてみたものの、坂田にマイクで頭を小突かれてしまうのであった。「よく聞け、フランス野郎! 俺がハッスルのスーパースター坂田亘だ! よく覚えておけ!」坂田は改めてボナパルトに宣戦布告した。

- and its literal translation ...
"Bonaparte blows a kiss and leaves the ring while appealing to the crowd for the muscle beauty of his pride. "Wait a bit French guy"! Sakata hails Bonaparte with a microphone. "You have shamed me well in my hometown!  I am single with you with next in Osaka, me! It is a demand, the single match confrontation, the next time in Osaka."  Bonaparte opens both hands for a French dance, full of right and left . Sakata has the disagreeable reaction " I am angry at the manner that Bonaparte made a fool of Sakata in the heart of his territory too, a French guy what it is"! Bonaparte has the microphone but I cannot particularly scramble what he says "Bonne, croissant, escargot, Comantareb, Zidane", and pokes Sakata in the head with the microphone . "Listen well, French guy! I am superstar Wataru Sakata of the Hustle! Learn it well!" Sakata declares war against Bonaparte some other time."

(8/18/07) - (Hustle) Much of the publicity for the Nagoya Aichi Prefectural Gym show was overshadowed by the premiere of a new character Monster Bono (yes, Akebono sucking a dummy) . Main results from the show: Gen'ichiro Tenryu & HG defeated "Fire MonsteR" Shinjiro Ohtani & Scott Norton in 9'52 by disqualification, Rene Bonaparte (Dupree) & Giant Vabo defeated Wataru Sakata & Ryoji in 9'38 (Dupree with a diving elbow drop on Sai)

. Hard Gay gets arope ride courtesy Scott Norton