Monday, August 27, 2007

Sharpness, speed, power and technique....

Rene Bonaparte bio capsule from

元WWEスーパースターのレネ・デュプリーが高田モンスター軍に合流! WWEタッグ王座も獲得するなど若くしてかなりの実力派だ。ボディビルで鍛えた美しい肉体と華麗なフランス語を駆使して観客を魅了する。もちろん、技の切れ味、スピード、パワー、どれをとっても超一流だ。ハッスルでのデビュー戦となったTAJIRI戦(『ハッスル・ハウスvol.27』)でもその実力をいかんなく発揮。イン乳が切れて力の出せないTAJIRIをわずか5分でマットに沈めてみせた。

"Former WWE superstar's Rene Dupre joins the Takada monster army. This wrestler has already demonstrated considerable ability by winning the WWE tag title at a young age. The spectator is immediately impressed by the beautiful body, strengthened by bodybuilding, and his splendid French. He enjoys a five-star rating for sharpness, speed, power and technique, all amply demonstrated in his Hustle debut against TAJIRI ('Hustle house vol.27') ... with Tajiri downed in just 5 minutes."