Monday, August 13, 2007

Sylvain has been future endeavoured ......

"WWE has come to terms on the release of Sylvain Grenier as of today. We wish Sylvain the best in his future endeavours."

Bryan Alvarez in Figure 4 Weekly Newsletter 13/08 writes - "WWE released Sylvan Grenier and Tomasso Whitney this week. Tomasso was a developmental guy working in OVW. Grenier was the latest victim of the "get a new push and immediately get fired syndrome". Well, it wasn't really a push, but he did return to Smackdown on Friday night and had a way more competitive match with Kane than I would have figured. He was the last remnant of La Resistance still employed, which was quite the irony since for a long time he was the least talented of the three. There had been talk of reuniting them for some time, and in fact Rob Conway had just received his new gear in the mail when he was told he was fired, the excuse being that creative didn't have anything for him. Oops. Rene Dupre was also fired recently after being sent to rehab for at least the second time. Grenier, who was discovered by Pat Patterson back when he was doing modeling, debuted with the company in the early 00s doing the heel ref gimmick, then ended up bulking up and wrestling. He was horrible for a long, long time, but eventually improved to the point where he was a passable singles wrestler. Recently, he'd been working singles matches on the road with Maryse as his manager. Never heard anything about the act having any sort of spark, which is saying something since she's ungodly hot. The loss of Dupre may have been the straw that broke the camel's back."

(above) Sylvan and Maryse as "Posh and Becks"

Rene and Sly were heat machines as La Res, foreigners cheating and getting beat. With the team now footloose, hopefully Japan or TNA will pick them up and repackage them as old school heels a la Garvin 'brothers'.

Rene (Rene Goguen/R.G.) was half way to recreating Montrealer Ronnie Garvin (R.G.) with the white trunks, white towel and no knee pads of his ECW incarnation. A blonde crew and change of attitude from 'cocky heel' to full-scale 'mean heel' would complete the process. The Model Martel and Ronnie 'Hands of Stone' Garvin as a 'mean heel' dream team. I'd pay to see that ... over and over!!

Meanwhile here's some of footage of Sylvain Grenier during his time with Northern Championship Wrestling while waiting for his visa to work for WWE... footage from late 2002 to early 2003 ... like Rene, this guy can work when he's not being f***ed around by WWE ...