Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Is it time to ditch the goofy screwball gimmick?

'The Aristocrat of Badness'

The Japanese have dubbed him "The Aristocrat of Badness" and the "Napoleon of Hell." Could this be a sign of things to come?

Will Rene use the transition to Japan and the indy scene to ditch the goofy gimmick? Here are some reasons why he oughta give it some thought!!

The goofy screwball heel is a LIMITED gimmick. The payoff is always predictable. From the minute the entrance music sounds, you know, this guy's cheating ways can last only so long. Sooner or later, he's gonna slip on his own banana skin, gets his comeuppance, and it's time to go home …. After a while, people get bored.

Time for Rene to go mean-heel ….
On the other hand, the payoff for the mean-heel is always OPEN. The receipt rarely arrives. Retribution for the mean-heel is always delayed, endlessly postponed. How low will this guy go? How long can he get away with his cheating ways? The low blows, the bic pen to the eyes, the foreign object in his trunks. Why doesn't the referee see it? Justice delayed is justice denied; the fans get angrier; the mean heel keeps it going, well beyond the usual boundaries of good and evil ….. and the fans just keep asking for more!!!

It’s the difference between shooting your wad early or prolonging it, until they’re begging .

Maybe its time for the big screw-ball to give way to the big ball-screw – enter the mean-heel, or as the Japanese say, the 'Napoleon from hell'.

Clip below -
Classic Mean-Heel
British and Japanese wrestler 'Mean Marc' aka 'Rollerball Rocco' aka 'Black Tiger' - vs The Dynamite Kid