Friday, August 31, 2007


August 29, 2007
Hustle began ramping up the hype for their next two shows 'Hustle house vol.28' and 'Hustle 26' with a press conference in Tokyo today.

Top of the bill for both shows (broadcast PPVs on Perfect Choice) will be the feud between Rene Bonaparte and Wataru Sakata, with Sataru reported as still burning after his humiliation at the hands of Bonaparte at the 8/18 show (see below). Added into the mix is Sataru's recently married wife, Tokyo Model Eiko Koike.

Wataru Sakata (the left) and Eiko Koike married, and filled with happiness in a Tokyo Hotel. I After 5 years together they reach the goal at last! 【Sports navigator】

Will the newly-married Sakata celebrate marriage to Eiko with a victory over Bonaparte? Or will Rene put an end to the happy couple's sucky bliss?

"Bonjour Monsieur Sakata!" reads a fax from Bonaparte, "If I win, your wife Eiko, is mine!"

Hustle are having fun with this - the last line of their press release reads -


"How will Sakata counter the horizontal spear of the handsome French lady killer?"