Saturday, September 1, 2007

Feedback on first Japan tour ....

Was the first fight at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo, long enough to help get him established?
Is the diving elbow the best finisher for Japan?
Had Rene expected Hustle to costume him and was he wearing someone else's robe?

Whatever the lingering questions, everyone agrees - Hustle fans loved the "affected disagreeable" persona and hope Rene's going to ramp it up later this month in Tokyo and Osaka on PPV.

Some Japan fans comments (translated) below-

"It was Rene Bonaparte who stole the Korakuen Hall show. His first appearance was only six minutes long but it was clear what kind of fighter, what kind of finisher and what kind of character this guy is. Clearly a very hard character. "An affected, disagreeable guy" playing the character from the top of his head to the tip of his toes......

"I think he won over the house. I particulary liked the French dance. ...."

"Rene needs to show more expressions because the fans can get tired quickly; in fact, he should be a constant seller; he needs a better finisher; or at least change it over time.Was that someone elses' robe he was wearing [What happened to the red white and blue sparkled cape?] Other wise the gimmick is perfect...."

"Boner! It is ". Not to be confused with "Bono" (Monster Bone or 'Akebono' who was born on the 8/18 show after Tajiri sprayed green mist into Yinling-Sama's crotch - dont' ask!).