Sunday, September 9, 2007


The clock is ticking down to the next round in the feud between Rene Bonaparte and Wataru Sakata. First up is a tag competition on 9/13 at Korakuen Hall, Tokyo where we expect victory to go to Rene and his tag partner Scott Norton. Then the big singles match in Osaka on 9/22 .

The stakes have risen as Rene Bonaparte seeks to drive a wedge between Sakata and his newly married wife, the model Eiko Koike. The French love-muscle has threatened to humiliate Sakata in front of his wife, with Eiko up for grabs in Osaka.

So the prediction for Osaka? Rene is certainly bigger, stronger, ten years younger [and better looking, Eiko] than Sakata. Sakata has experience on his side, including time in MMA, but Rene has 5 years in WWE rings and a new and more heelish disposition.

Will Rene manage to pull off something big in Osaka?

The odds are on a Rene victory with some very heelish tactics or alternatively a narrow defeat or DQ - either way setting up a future feud for Sakata’s wife.

Wataru Sakata

Nickname - 'Hustling Resistance'
Corps - Hustling troop
Place of birth - Aichi prefecture Nakajima Gun
Date of birth - 1973 March 11th
Height - 175 cm
Weight - 93 kg
Finisher - Diving Foot stomp

Rene Bonaparte

Nickname - 'Napoleon of Hell'
Corps - Takeda Monster Troop
Place of birth - Moncton, New Brunswick
Date of birth - 1983 December 15th
Height - 190 cm
Weight - 113 kg
Finish - French Tickler; Diving elbow drop