Thursday, September 13, 2007

The Scene is set for the big match in Osaka...

Sept. 13thTokyo, Korakuen Hall
Hustle House Vol. 28
Attendance 2150

Highlight of the show

坂田亘 崔領二
"Hustle Resistance" Wataru Sakata & Ryouji Sai

スコット・ノートン レネ・ボナパルト
Scott Norton & René Bonaparte

Confrontation between Sakata and Bonaparte who will go man-to-man in Osaka on 9/22. Can Sakata, who recently announced his marriage to TV personality Eiko Koike, defeat the former WWE superstar? In the dressing room Sakata and his partner Sai discuss the 'French Lovers' threat to violate Sakata's new celebrity wife if Sakata loses in Osaka.

In the ring, Sakata demands that Bonaparte start the match so they can sort things out right away. Bonaparte provokes Sakata from behind the back of the massive Norton. The match starts with Sai vs Norton. Norton intercepts Sai's tackle with an elbow to the head. Sakata tags in and the crowd goes crazy for Koike's "Master". Sakata blows off the gigantic figure of Norton with a series of kicks followed by two dropkicks.

Bonaparte tags in, provoking Sakata with typical heel stalling and demands time out from the referee while he fixes his bootlace. Sakata and Bonaparte lock up. Sakata grabs Bonaparte in a headlock. Bonaparte feees himself and runs to the outside.

Sakata is ambushed from the rear by Norton. Sakata fights back with a series of chops. Norton with a double clothesline to Sai and Sakata and Norton obliterates Sai with a dumping power bomb.

Rene prepares to finish off Sai with the French Tickler .....

Sakata interrupts the Frenchman's dance with a kick to the face ....

Norton captures Sakata in a full Nelson while Bonaparte launches the diving elbow on the prone body of Sai.

Check the height on the diving elbow drop .... the Boner in beautiful athletic action!

Victory to Bonaparte and Norton at 6 minute 38 second with a diving elbow drop.
"The French Lover with the Horizontal Yari" takes the mike and addresses Sakata's wife - "Koike I have begun the humiliation of your Master".

An enraged Sakata grabs the mike ....

Bonaparte has insulted him by calling him 'Mr Koike' ( implying that his wife is more famous and dominant that he is). He has insulted his new bride and threatened their happiness and will pay for it in the ring in Osaka.

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