Tuesday, September 18, 2007


The big grudge match between Sakata and Bonaparte takes place this Saturday in Osaka. Recall that Sakata is seeking revenge for insults against his new wife by Rene Bonaparte. Bonaparte claims that if Sakata loses, he forfeits his new wife to the French love machine.

If Dupree is going to keep working with Hustle I'd expect to see Bonaparte, with his height and weight advantage, win out over Sakata.... but only after a considerable bruising, probably winning by DQ. That allows a rematch in the upcoming conference.

Given there's a woman involved, that DQ may come after repeated low blows by Sakata to the Fenchmans 'golden balls' gimmick.

To help stack the Frenchman against MMA fighter Sakata, I'd suggest a 'spunk blaster' modelled on Johnny B. Badd's 'Badd Blaster" - useful for spraying spunk-like confetti over the crowd and equally useful to blast an opponent in the face.

(1) Rene's secret weapon - the 'spunk blaster'
modelled after Johnny B. Badd's 'Badd Blaster'

manipulated image

See the 'Badd blaster' in action here ....

(2) Rene's strategic weakspot

Will Sakata deploy the 'testicular claw' against the Frenchman's gimmick

.....followed by the rope ride

and finally, the turnbuckle crotching beloved by Rene 'the Model' Martel

All this bruising should make Sakata's wife kinda moot ..... for a few days anyway.

Meanwhile, if there's a 'spunk blaster' to hand, a blast in Sakata's face would win Bonaparte a quick end to the match by disqualification.

Let's see how it works out in Osaka.