Tuesday, September 11, 2007

ハードゲイ対まっすぐなペニス (Hard Gay vs Hard Straight)

ヴァルVenisを忘れてください!ジェンナジェームソン、 ハードゲイ 堅いストレート




Forget Val Venis ….Hustle is building up Rene Bonaparte as wrestling’s number 1 ‘sexual intercourse’ star … akin that other ‘out in front’ superstar Jenna Jameson. Can we expect Rene and Jenna to take on Sakata and Eiko as the current feud develops?

Certainly the total French package is great at ground and pound, while Jenna, as every fans knows, works well on the mat (on her back).

Failing that (having hopefully established Rene as Hustle’s leading nasty) what about a feud between Hustle’s leading star ‘Hard Gay’ and Rene, wrestling as ‘Hard Straight’?? ハードゲイ対まっすぐなペニス Over to you bookers.