Saturday, October 6, 2007


Between me and you, ATM Eric [Bischoff] knows sh** about anything, but bearing that particular incontravertible truth in mind, he does have a few pertinent words about the absence of heels in the business that suggests real possibilities for our guy Rene...

"Eric mentioned how there are no real heels in professional wrestling these days. ...The WWE doesn't have any good guys or any bad guys right now. "Even the veterans don't get it, I don't think HHH knows how to be a heel to save his life. He's not a heel. The fact is he's Superman, nobody can hate Superman....I challenge anybody, that if he (HHH) officially turns babyface tomorrow, that 6 months from now tell me what the difference of his matches would be. His matches and interviews would be exactly the same thing as a babyface as they are as a heel!" Committing to be a heel is risky, if you become a great heel your career will extended for a long time. You can't create a good guy without a really good villain. When you become that villain, you become a very valuable commodity. But most people are either unable, unwilling or just don't know how to become a real heel."

Part of the problem is that, deep down, shallow egos like HHH, Austin, Foley want to be 'cool' and 'luuved'. As a consequence, they've never been able to play to the max a role that would make them truly hated.

Well, it's all over for that particular bunch of girls. So who among the YOUNG generation is ready to step up the the plate and take the heel role to its full potential without just really wanting to be 'luuved'?

Rene Dupree of course!!! Maybe coming from a wrestling family he knows its ALL JUST A WORK and that, in the long run, a true heel is better remembered and MORE LOVED than anyone in the business. Austin, HHH and Foley just didn't get it!

Here's a nice match with a slow build and a great heel in the form of Tully Blanchard .....When will Rene get the chance to do something similar over 13 minutes? ..... Somewhere in the indies with a video crew in attendance we hope! Time to raise the bar on heeldom, MONTREAL style!

Tully Blanchard vs Ricky Steamboat
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