Monday, June 16, 2008

Rene DUPREE is Voodoo Murders newest member

12 June 2008

At a press conference at the Voodoo MADAZU (Murders) hideout somewhere in Tokyo the Voodoo Murder military forces announced that WWE superstar, Rene DUPREE has become a member of All Japan Pro Wrestling's Voodoo Murders

"Napoleon from hell"


Date of birth: December 15, 1983
Height: 190cm
Body weight: 113kg
Specialty: Dupree Driver
French Tickler
Title history: World Tag Team Championship (WWE)
WWE Tag Team Championship

1997 - professional wrestling debut at the tender age of 14.

April 2003 - WWE debut on RAW as member of the anti-American La Resistance formed.

At 19 years old the youngest person ever to win the World Tag Team Championship.

Drafted to Smack Down! and tagged with Ken Suzuki to win the WWE Tag Team Championship.

August 2007 - appeared in the Hustle under the name of Rene Bonaparte as a member of Takada Monster military unit.

June 2008 - All-Japan Pro Wrestling debut as the newest member of Voodoo Murders.