Friday, June 26, 2009

It's a Massacre - It's Arma-Geddon!!

The newest name on the Japanese wrestling scene is Arma-Geddon.

The giant in the black T shirt is Arma while the massive muscled torso belongs to Geddon. Together they comprise “Armageddon”.

In their first match, seen here, Arma-Geddon lose no time in attack, beating down on Bono and Tajiri. Arma shakes off a hand spring elbow attack from Tajiri. Bono comes to the rescue with a sumo-rush that sends Geddo to the corner. But Arma and Geddon are undaunted,

Arma-Geddon wear down Bono with lariats and combined ground and air attack, including front kicks and a diving body press from Geddon.

The formidable team beats off in-ring interference for a quick and decisive victory over Tajiri and Bono in a little under 2 minute 35 seconds Hustle has a new monster tag. It's Armageddon time.

HUSTLE "HUSTLE TOUR 2009 ~6.25 IN KORAKUEN~", 25/06/09
Tokyo Korakuen Hall
Spettatori: 1970
(No Vacancy)

1. REY Ohara def. KG (12:00) with a Muy Bien.
2. 3 Way Match: Private Shoji def. Wataru Sakata & Commander An Jo (5:38) with a Cross Gold on An Jo.
3. RG def.Monster HG (13:30) with a Death Drop.
4. Genichiro Tenryu & Shiro Koshinaka over Monster C & Punch The C (3:53) with a Diving Hip Attack by Koshinaka on Monster.
5. Arma & Geddon def. Bono-kun & TAJIRI (2:35) with a Diving Gedon by Gedon on Bono.
6. Magnum TOKYO def."Monster K" Toshiaki Kawada (25:32) with a Zetsuen.