Sunday, July 19, 2009

THE CRITICS - review.....

(source - Death Valley Driver 'Guide to Puro 2008')

HUSTLE on PPV - "Hustle 27": January 13, 2008, Nagoya

Match 4. Rene Bonaparte -vs- Tajiri [**]
--- Bonaparte's gimmick is sort of dated. Very 80's arrogant American style. I'm getting a very Rick "the Model" Martel vibe from him and that's a good thing. His comedy time-stalling routine works in front of the Hustle crowd. While he's not as exciting wrestling wise his slapstick makes his matches fun. And when he meets someone who's kind of similar in philosophy as Tajiri, who's also more about the little things than the epic style of wrestling, we get a enjoyable match. A lot of playing and tricking until Bonaparte used the ropes for leverage on a schoolboy for the pin.
10:43 of 11:30 - Bonaparte pinned Tajiri with a schoolboy

HUSTLE on PPV - "Hustle House 32": January 17, 2008, Tokyo

Match 3. Tajiri & KUSHIDA -vs- Rene Bonaparte & Giant Voba [* 1/2]
--- Voba not doing that wretched volleyball gimmick. Instead he was mimiking his partner Bonaparte. With limited success, judging from the original's expression. For the viewer however Voba was as much fun here as he's ever been. Good comic happenings with Voba messing up and Bonaparte showing how it's really done. Voba knew he was a failure and got his volleyballs and kept punching those over Tajiri & Tajiri Jr until he also accidentally nailed his own partner. Soon after green mist, a Buzzsaw headkick and a moonsault was all the Japanese-French could take.

HUSTLE on Samurai TV - "Hustle House 37": June 18, 2008,
Match 3. Bobo-chan & A-chan & Yoshie-chan -vs- Monster C & Rene Bonaparte & Commander An Jo [* 1/4]

--- The FAT~ boys doing their thing! C had his moments there. I was kind of surprised nobody countered with a D or a P considering the big stomachs that was there, but Araya, or A-chan as he's called here, did get an A! Rene Dupree did his cocky wrestling, but the happy end was seeing C get squashed as Akebono Samoan Dropped the poor guy off the second turnbuckle! Oh, and sumo star Takamisakari was in the crowd for this match!
7:20 of 7:22 - Bono pinned C after a second rope Samoan Drop

AJPW on Samurai TV - June 22, 2008, Tokyo

Match 4. Rene Dupree -vs- Manabu Soya [1/2*]
--- Dupree's All Japan debut and he's apart of the Voodoo Murders. And Soya didn't know what hit him. Soya did get a couple of minor moves in, but was dead in less then 3 minutes against the former WWE star.
2:57 of 2:58 - Dupree pinned Soya after a top rope bodypress

HUSTLE on PPV - July 6, 2008, Fukuoka

4. Toshiaki Kawada -vs- Rene Bonaparte - (Hustle GP - Round 1) [* 1/4]
--- For people complaining about Kawada not shaking hands with foreigners they should watch this match as he does it twice with Bonaparte here! So does that make it Stan Hansen, Steve Williams and now.....Rene Dupree! Anyway this match was more Dupree than Kawada. The end saw Rene grab a chair which got kicked in his face before Kawada followed up with a lariat to win this first round match.
9:32 of 9:30 - Kawada pinned Bonaparte after a lariat