Thursday, February 4, 2010

"Rene Dupree shows more in eight minutes than in five years on WWE television........"

See the entire segment here (51 minutes)

RIKI Army vs. HUSTLE Union 5 vs. 5 Elimination Match: King RIKI, Riki Choshu, Genichiro Tenryu, Yoshihiro Takayama & Wataru Sakata vs Magnum TOKYO, Toshiaki Kawada, Shiro Koshinaka, René Duprée & Akira Shoji

Following its 10/10/09 show the Hustle promotion went into liquidation. The final show Hustle JIHAD was distinguished by its final ever Hustle main event during which Rene Dupree went out to show what he was made of. The English language reviews are now coming in. All are agreed that Dupree is at the top of his game ....


The final Hustle main event involved wrestlers from two teams battling each other with the winner of one bout going on to face the next man from the other team. Joining the action Rene Dupree comes in to battle Genichiro Tenryu who has won the previous match.

"Tenryu attacks Dupree as he tries to come in between the ring ropes and gives him the Randy Orton hangman's DDT before introducing him to the turnbuckle pads and some of those great punches. Genichiro Irish whips his man off the ropes and looks for a bodyslam, but Dupree is able to turn it into a small package. Then, in a sentence that I never thought I would type, RENE DUPREE PINS GENICHIRO TENRYU. Amazing.

Team 2 sends Wataru Sakata to the ring at this point.... bear in mind that Sakata is a vanilla face with limited rings skills. Dupree takes him to a new level .....

"Sakata and Dupree chop each other and Rene hits a flying shoulderblock and a discus punch before taking Wataru to the corner for some right hands. The former La Resistance member climbs to the top rope after a slam, but Sakata cuts him off with a leaping kick that knocks Rene down face-first into the turnbuckle. Sataka, seeing a big opening, charges at Dupree as he stands on the apron and blasts him with a Yakuza kick that knocks him down to the arena floor and into the guardrail. The collision with the rail opens up a vein in Dupree's forehead, and he writhes on the floor while losing blood. He attempts to re-enter the ring, and Sakata is briefly successful in keeping him on the apron with some punches, but Dupree eventually lands a right of his own and re-enters the squared circle.

The French Canadian doesn't stay on top for long, though, as Sakata catches him with a back body drop and stuffs him into the mat with a piledriver. Sakata stays on his opponent by applying a chinlock, though he eventually releases the hold voluntarily and switches to a series of kicks. Sakata continues with relatively nondescript offense for a bit before removing the turnbuckle pad from one of the bolts. Why he would do that when he is in control of the match I do not know.

He tosses Dupree into the exposed bolt right in front of the referee, not drawing a disqualification. Sakata follows that up with an overhead belly-to-belly suplex and climbs the ropes, though he gives up on that when he sees that Dupree has begun to regain a vertical base. Sakata knocks his man back down and goes up to the top, only to have Rene cut him off with a dropkick.

Rene gets up to the second rope, where the two men trade punches until Sakata uses the exposed turnbuckle to his advantage, slamming the second generation star's head into it several times. This causes Dupree to do a wacky, corckscrew-esque bump off of the ropes and down to the mat. Sakata follows him off with a double stomp the Quebecer's gut, but, instead of selling it like death, Dupree immediately school boys Wataru and gets a flash two count. The same result comes when he goes for an inside cradle. Dupree gets in some high-impact offense as well, connecting with a sit-out spinebuster and attempting a German suplex. Sakata lands on his feet out of that move, then going to the abdominal stretch and then to a rear naked choke. Dupree is quickly out cold, and Sakata gets the fall.......

Match Thoughts: Hustle elimination matches are a bit odd to review , as you can't really look at them as one big match... What you almost have to do is .. just enjoy the isolated sequences of awesome grappling goodness when they pop up. Those moments were plentiful here, including ... Rene Dupree showing more promise in eight minutes than he showed in five years on WWE television.........

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