Thursday, October 10, 2013

10/8 WRESTLE-1 Results


WRESTLE-1 continued their first tour today, results from Fukushima Aizu City Kawa Higashi Comprehensive Gym:
They claimed 950 paid (super full bill stop/a Full House).
Hiroshi Yamato, Daiki Inaba & El Hijo Del Pantera beat NOSAWA Rongai, MAZADA & HUB in 7:54. Yamato pinned NOSAWA.
Kyoko Kimura (Independent/Freelancer) beat Haibisukasu Mii (Independent/Freelancer) in 7:03.
Ryota Hama beat Taro Nohashi (Michinoku Pro) in 5:40.
Koji Kanemoto (Independent/Freelancer) beat Seiki Yoshioka in 8:56.
Seiya Sanada & Minoru Tanaka beat KAI & Shuji Kondo in 10:05. Sanada pinned KAI.
Rene Dupree beat Kaz Hayashi in 11:44.
Masayuki Kono, Ryouji Sai (ZERO1) & KAZMA SAKAMOTO (Independent/Freelancer) beat Keiji Muto, Masakatsu Funaki & Yasufumi Nakanoue in 13:14. Kono pinned Nakanoue.

WRESTLE-1 results for October 9, 2013

WRESTLE-1 “WRESTLE-1 ~ First Trip Tour”, 10/9/2013 [Wed] 18:30 @ Sakata City Gymnasium in Yamagata
750 Spectators

(1) Hiroshi Yamato, Daiki Inaba & El Hijo del Pantera [WNC/Mexico] vs. NOSAWA Rongai [Tokyo Gurentai], MAZADA [Tokyo Gurentai] & HUB [Free]
Winner: MAZADA (6:21) over Pantera, involved Pantera’s mask.

(2) Joshi Pro Match: Kyoko Kimura [Free] vs. Hibiscus Mii [Ryuku Dragon]
Winner: Kimura (7:37) with an Armlock.

(3) Ryota Hama vs. Kikutaro [Free]
Winner: Hama (6:10) with a Raiden (Thunder) Drop.

(4) 3WAY Match: Kaz Hayashi vs. Shuji Kondo vs. Minoru Tanaka
Winner: No Contest (1:36) Hiroshi Yamato interfered.
~ Yamato said he wants to be a part of this openweight concept as well, then all the juniors came out from the back… a 3 team tag match was set in place.

(5) 3WAY 9 Man Tag Match: Kaz Hayashi, Shuji Kondo & Minoru Tanaka vs. Hiroshi Yamato, Daiki Inaba & El Hijo del Pantera [WNC/Mexico] vs. NOSAWA Rongai [Tokyo Gurentai], MAZADA [Tokyo Gurentai] & HUB [Free]
Winner: Pantera (10:14) with a Hurricanrana on MAZADA.

(6) Koji Kanemoto [Free] vs. Seiki Yoshioka
Winner: No Contest (8:04) Desperado interfered and the match was stopped.
~ Masakatsu Funaki and Yasufumi Nakanoueno came out to make the save… and a 6 man tag match was set in place.

(7) 6 Man Tag Match: Masakatsu Funaki, Yasufumi Nakanoueno & Koji Kanemoto [Free] vs. “DESPERADO” Masayuki Kono, Ryoji Sai [ZERO1] & KAZMA SAKAMOTO [Free]
Winner: Kono (10:20) following a Knee Lift to Nakanoueno.
~ Rene Dupree was at ringside with DESPERADO, but he suffered a “minor” ankle injury at yesterday’s show. No word on when he will be competing, but the injury does not appear severe at this time, just swelling.

(8) KAI vs. Seiya Sanada
Winner: Sanada (13:21) with a Moonsault Press.
~ Sanada got his demands for another singles match against KAI following the pinfall in a tag match at yesterday’s show. KAI truly wished for all of this to be over and done with following his victory at Korakuen on the 6th, but Sanada could not sit by and have KAI with a loss over him.
They are now tied 3 and 3 against each other.

WRESTLE-1 First Trip Tour details