Wednesday, August 8, 2007

The Bob Holly Incident - Heidenrich sheds new light

by: Kyle Faust - August 07th, 2007
Jon Heidenreich appeared on the August 2nd Edition of The Shoot: Talk on Professional Wrestling. The interview starts off at about the 33 minute mark of the show. He spoke on a variety of topics including Road Warrior Animal, Vince McMahon, Bob Holly, and more. Here's part of the recap:

Heidenrich - "When they released me they said I wasn't reliable, which is total f*cking bullsh*t because I went through a hurricane (Katrina) and didn't miss one f*cking show. I missed one show when I was bleeding out of my ear in an emergency room on morphine, I missed a house show and they released me one week later, after I had hypertensive heart disease diagnosed from wrestling, from the pressure they put you under, from the pressure and the things you do because if you don't stay healthy and work hurt and take whatever you have to take they will fire you because I was fired twice for being hurt"

Jon said he never took pain pills or steroids till he got into professional wrestling, then he was exposed to everything: cocaine, marijuana, pain pills, soma, xanax, steroids, everything"

He then goes on to speak about the pressure WWE puts on "the boys". He said he believes Vince gets off of screwing guy's lives over, and messing with their relationships. He said it was a blessing to be a part of WWE but it was also detrimental...... the boys are not treated like human beings, more like cattle if not worse". He says the WWE has been letting sh*t slide for years.

Jon talks about the WWE insurance policy when you get hurt that they are supposed to pay for your in ring injuries and tests. Jon said when he had all his heart tests, ER bill when he had the bleeding ear and when he blew his quad on Raw and he had to go to Tulane to rehab that they didn't' pay any of those bills and it was all sent to Jon and put on his credit. Jon said they don't expect you to go to the doctor. They want you to work hurt and not get treatment. Jon said Vince is a evil dictator.

Holly and Rene Dupree - Heidenreich talks about Bob Holly. Jon said Bob is a bitter guy. He calls Bob a stooge and the reason he's got a job is because he goes and tells on all the boys. He said Bob goes around and asks for pain pills from the boys all day long. He said the reason he's there is that he's done some sick sh*t to get his job. He said Bob was telling people that Jon was on Crystal Meth trying to get him fired.

Jon said when Brock broke Bob's neck it wasn't an accident, it was intentional. Jon calls Bob a Bully and talks about the Rene Dupree incident. He said *"I seen him kick Rene Dupree's face in, because Rene was to afraid to fend for himself (Rene was 20 at the time - Holly was 41). He wouldn't do that to me because he knows I'd bash his f***ing head in"

Jon says that when he was injured he would give Bob pain pills when Bob broke his neck to help him out and Bob would turn around and tell the office that Jon had drug problems. Jon said he would do that to all the boys. Jon closes out the interview thanking the fans for supporting him.This powerful, emotional interview runs about 60 minutes as Heidenreich also discusses Triple H, John Cena, Unionizing Wrestling and much more!! The Interview is available for Streaming/Downloading at the following link:

Holly abuses sacred trust
By TJ MADIGAN - Calgary Sun
In wrestling, you "give your body" to your opponent. To entertain the audience, you put your life in someone else's hands and trust that they will do everything they can to keep you safe.
So what happens when some jacked-up idiot decides to abuse that position of trust?
Twenty-year-old Rene Dupree found out last Sunday during his match with Bob Holly at a non-televised WWE show in New York.

The action was going according to plan until Holly, a 15-year ring veteran, suddenly snapped. Without any warning, he sucker punched Dupree and began thumping him in the face with full-force blows. A visibly shaken Dupree tried to roll out of the ring to protect himself, but Holly kicked him in the head.
The crowd, realizing this wasn't part of the show, went quiet.

Dupree's eye began to swell shut as Holly smashed a steel chair into his skull with such force that it left a dent in the metal.
Dupree then made a run for the relative safety of the locker-room, but several reports claim the beating continued backstage.
The story going around is that Holly was looking for payback. Apparently, Dupree got a speeding ticket in Holly's rental car a few weeks ago, causing poor Bob Holly to have to deal with some complicated legal red tape.
Rather than complain to WWE management or ask Dupree to reimburse his expenses, Holly decided to take matters into his own hands.
In any other environment, it would be criminal assault.
And it wouldn't even be a first offence.

Back in 2002, Holly flipped out on the set of Tough Enough 2. He was scheduled to work a basic match with Matt Capotelli, a rookie with only a few weeks of wrestling training. Instead, Holly attacked Capotelli for real, bloodying and bruising him in front of an MTV camera crew.
Apparently, Holly felt it was part of some stupid honour code, to teach Capotelli respect.
Well, Bob Holly doesn't deserve anybody's respect.

In his entire 15-year career, despite multiple main event pushes, he has never drawn a dime for WWE. He is boring in the ring, monotone on the mic, and a bona fide ratings killer.
So, perhaps realizing he'll be lucky if he is even remembered as a trivia answer, Holly set out to prove what a legitimate tough guy he is.
Hey, if the fans don't respect him, then at least the wrestlers will.
So, he assaulted an untrained Tough Enough rookie who didn't know any better than to just take it. Then he roughened up his ring style, causing several wrestler injuries, including Carlito Colon's recent shoulder separation.

And last Sunday, he attacked a 20-year-old kid from behind, in a situation where he knew Dupree would not and could not fight back.
People trusted him with their safety and he abused that trust to make himself look like a tough guy.
Unfortunately, Bob, REAL tough guys don't attack kids who can't defend themselves.
That's what bullies do. And you're nothing but a gutless bully.
Sadly, no one will ever exact physical revenge on Bob Holly. He has too many friends in high places, which is why this loser still has a job while plenty of more talented and more valuable wrestlers have been let go.
Someday, he will realize that despite his jealous hazing tactics, the wrestlers he picked on ended up being bigger stars than he ever was.
Having to live with his insignificant career is the payback Holly deserves. And no matter how many defenseless kids he beats up along the way, he won't be remembered as a success story.
He won't be remembered as a rugged veteran.
He will simply be remembered as a jerk.
Live with that, tough guy.