Saturday, September 15, 2007

FRENCH PHENOMS - horizontal spearmen

As the youthful veteran Rene Bonaparte re-creates himself in Japan, the Rugby World Cup gets underway in France, with veteran Sebastian Chabal (aged 40) taking to the field as second rower for the French squad.

Chabal with his long hair and beard, is a favourite amongst French rugby fans with a strong online following of "Chabalists." Check the video below, from a French rugby fan - it inlcudes the Chabal tackle, prototype for our suggested Bonaparte signature - the "Horizontal Yari [Spear]."

Japanese 'Bonapartists' (Hustle 9/13/07)

Bonaparte Dupree finishing and signature moves

Cobra Clutch Slam
Dupree Driver (Michinoku Driver II)
Bonne Nuit (Cobra Clutch)
Loire Valley Driver
French Tickler (Pas de basque followed by pointed elbow drop to the head)
Standing Spinebuster Slam
Fisherman Suplex
Running Neckbreaker

With Sylvain Grenier
Bonsoir (Double team spinebuster slam)
and our suggestion "The Horizontal Yari" (Spear)