Thursday, September 20, 2007


September 21, 2007

 9・22『KYORAKU presents ハッスル26』(大阪府立体育会館)で坂田亘と一騎打ちが決まっている“地獄のナポレオン”レネ・ボナパルトが大暴走! 坂田の店 『わたる』を襲撃した!
9・22『KYORAKU presents ハッスル26』大阪府立体育会館大会を2日後に控えた9月19日の昼下がりに、代官山で惨劇が起こった。ハッスルに参戦してから負け知らずの快進撃を続ける“地獄のナポレオン”レネ・ボナパルトが、ハッスル26で対戦が決まっている坂田亘がオーナーを務める和風ダイニング『わたる』を突如訪れた。カウンターに座ってランチをオーダーをしたレネだったが、些細なことで大激怒!坂田&小池の“愛の巣”ともいわれたこの店で大暴れした挙句、店員にまで手を出す暴挙に!! 


A camerman was on hand when Rene Bonaparte ('The Napoleon from Hell') launched an unexpected attack on one of Wataru Sakata's restaurants just days before their scheduled grudge match in Oaska. One of Sakata's employees was also mauled by the young Frenchman. The attack happened in Daikanyama early in the afternoon of September 19 .

According to witnesses, Bonaparte who has had an unbroken string of victories since entering Hustle, had sat down to order lunch when the barman made some trifling reference to Sakata and Koike's 'love nest'. At this point, Bonaparte flew in a rage, threatening the barman and trashing the bar.

※ Look out for more details of this violent incident on Tokyo Sports (9/22) out this evening.