Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The case of the missing gimmick …..

No sign of Rene Bonaparte in the two upcoming October Hustle shows.

Is he on sabbatical or has he gone for good?

The case of the 'missing gimmick' – a review of the evidence

Regardez the images (above) from the 8.15.07 Hustle match – then the images (below) from the 8.18 show. In the first match, Rene was in his WWE ‘Dupree’ trunks flaunting the fully-extended ‘Bonaparte’ that Japanese fans refer to, enviously, as the ‘horizontal yari’ (spear).
In match 2, dressed in his newly minted Hustle ‘Bonaparte’ trunks, the gimmick is GONE!!!!.

So what happened?
Did the costume maker reinforce the Phenom's trunks with kevlar?

Did a more powerful but less endowed star of Hustle decide the gimmick was getting over and had to be ‘cut’?

An obvious suspect is the slightly endowed ‘Mr. Koike’ aka Wataru Sakata, a vanilla MMA fighter struggling to win his wife (and the fans) back from the newly arrived Phenom.

A second suspect is Hard Gay. Prior to Rene’s arrival, Hard Gay was Hustle’s number one crotch grabber with the patented dance moves. With Rene’s arrival, the massive French tickler shunted Hard Gay's flaccid gimmick deep into the shadows.

So it simply a case of Japanese peris envy?

Je le peur ainsi!

If Rene goes back to Hustle, my advice is, bypass the vanilla Sakata, and give straight guy Masaki Sumitani aka ‘Hard Gay’ some well deserved French lessons on the meaning of ‘straight’, ‘hard’ (and 'gay' for that matter).

It's possibly too early to say if Dupree's talents are being wasted in the Hustle Opera but it's clear from the first two shows that the fans love him, and that he's easily outshone in the ring any other wrestler they've booked him with, to date.

Lets see if they have any plans to use him [and if Rene has any plans to be used] at Hustlemania!