Saturday, September 22, 2007


Last week we wrote that if Rene was going to continue in Hustle the best outcome for last night’s match in Osaka would be “ a Rene victory with some very heelish tactics or alternatively a narrow defeat or DQ - either way setting up a future feud for Sakata’s wife.”

With the DQ last night, it seems the Hustle bookers are keen to keep using Rene, and are doing a slow-build on a great storyline – the French lover versus the Japanese lover - and the prize? the beautiful TV actress who just happens to one of the men’s wife. Hustling opera at its finest.

Last night, the stakes in this slow-build story moved up a few notches.

Red-roses, adoring lady fans, body–beautiful, and a tent pole in his purple speedos, all make for a credible ‘French love muscle’ while Rene's vanity and heel tactics provided an added edge.

Osaka fans who went along to see the French heel pulverized by the Japanese Romeo would have gone home happy at the chairshot and juice donated by Rene. But, at the end of the day, it was still a Rene victory (Sakata disqualified and Rene continuing his unbroken winning streak). Once again Wataru and Koike’s fans were denied revenge ----- which, of course, is the essence of good booking!!!!

If Rene decides to stay with Hustle, the storyline will hopefully carry on to the next conference in October. If so, expect a further build of Rene's heel tactics (after all its Rene's turn with the chairshot), the continued humiliation of Sakata and Eiko, and a further frustration of Sakata fans and their desire for revenge.

And a few conferences down the line, let's settle it once and for all (not!) in a steel cage.

Great work Rene, and great work the Hustle bookers!